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"All your Automotive needs under one roof"

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About Us

Perreault Automotive is located in a country setting, we may be known as your back door neighbor, but we are not your back yard shop. The staff and owner are serious about their work, the facility has 8 working bays and the equipment needed to perform all the repairs, on all vehicles. The only time a vehicle leaves our shop, is to perform a quality control road test, or after the customer picks up the vehicle when repairs are completed.

Being located on the Ten Rod Road in Farmington, it is only 4-1/2 miles from Rochester, 2-1/2 miles from Route 11 in Farmington and well worth the trip. Owner Jerry Gervais has over 40 years experience working on vehicles, in all aspects of the field and has the reputation of knowing what customer service is all about.

Perreault Automotive offers their customers with true value repairs. Our technicians take the time needed to perform their work to meet and/or exceed the quality standards that we require. We do not pay additional bonuses based on getting the job done in less time, as structured in a flat-rate shop, because we feel it is not in the best interest of our customers, or our reputation.

When a vehicle is in the shop for repairs, there comes many instances that decisions need to be made, as to how something should be repaired, or if replacement of a part is really in the customerís best interest. Jerry Gervais, the Owner and Manager of Perreault Automotive is the one that makes those decisions. Jerry is involved in the repair process of every vehicle that is here for repairs, from the beginning stages of repair order generation, to the finished product.

We do not sell cars, parts or diversify our energies in different directions. What we do is concentrate on our abilities of repairing our customerís vehicles and offer Personal Service. When you call to get the status of repairs to your vehicle, you get answers, not the run around. We believe the best answers to our customers is the truth and direct approach. We keep our customers informed while their vehicle is in the shop and repairs underway, so they can be a part of the repair choices. Your safety is always our top priority when we are working on your vehicle, value is our second. When choosing the parts needed for your repairs, we always do comparisons for the available parts, so we can be assured we are giving you the best value and warranty consideration. In this economy it is important to find someone you can trust to make these decisions for you and stand behind their work and products.

So that is why Perreault Automotive is the only place you will need, to keep your vehicle running great and offer you dependability for years to come.


Perreault Auto Body was opened in 1974, by Ron Perreault as a 1 bay Body Shop, repairing and painting cars, this structure is still part of our facility today. Through the years, Ron was able to add to the building and increase the customer base to what it is today. Ron built his business and reputation by taking pride in everything he does. He increased his business using the values that all repairs are guaranteed, reasonable prices and a friendly atmosphere. This made his business very successful and the same values are in force today, since Jerry Gervais has purchased the business in 2007.

Today things are more complicated, vehicles have evolved, first by transforming to front wheel drive,  then the government stepped in to make manufacturers obtain better fuel economy, to use less petroleum products. The next steps to meet these requirements was to make the vehicles smaller and lighter and to run even more efficiently and to make a safer environment for the occupants. That was the introduction of computer control, air bags and monitored driver warning systems.

This is now evident when you open the hood to your vehicle, the engine is mounted sideways, the motor compartment is barely bigger than the engine and all you can see is a mass of wiring and components that are barely accessible to work on, without use of mirrors and special tools. The dash will light up and flash like a cockpit in an airplane, if one of the computer sensors fail, or if you have an ABS Brake System glitch, or if one of your taillight bulbs burn out. We at Perreaultís recognize these changes, and through the years, have made the changes needed to keep up with this new technology.